How to disinfect and sanitize your barber scissors

Barber scissors are meant to cut your hair. Because they are expensive, it shouldn’t be used in other applications. If you want to have great results from the barbering scissors, you need to take good care of them.

In this post, you get an insight into how you can disinfectant your scissors. That way, you can get the most out of your investment.

So, how to disinfectant scissors

Many hair salons perform the cleaning of scissors in a bad manner. All they do is throw the tool into the Barbicide. It may sanitize the scissor but cleaning isn’t done properly. Small pieces of hair get stuck on the scissor blade. As a result, it damages the scissor.

However, there is another way for you to clean the scissors daily. According to Safe Work Australia, barbers and hairdressers need to sterilize and disinfect their tools. Now, that’s a safety requirement that every professional follows.

Steps to clean your scissors and sanitize them

  1. Take a dry cloth and remove all kinds of debris and dirt.
  2. Arrange a small quantity of ethanol or alcohol and gently rub the scissor blades.
  3. Give at least five minutes for the solution to dry. Take a clean cloth or paper towel to remove.
  4. If you are planning to store them away, apply oil in small amounts to the blades.

Important tips while cleaning the scissors

  • If you want to disinfect your barbering tools and scissors, UV rays could be useful. However, its ability to fight coronavirus is yet to know
  • Don’t use chlorine while cleaning the barbering tools. That’s because it can damage the tools through rusting
  • Hot water or steam is a great way to disinfect your scissors. But make sure to dry them to avoid corrosion
  • Try to avoid putting your scissors into ethanol, alcohol, or other similar fluids. Even if you have soaked them, disassemble the barbering tools after completing. Dry and reassemble them
  • Make use of paper towels to wipe and dry the scissors after single usage

Brushes and combs need cleaning and sanitizing daily

Keep in your mind not to left your combs in fluid sanitizer throughout the night. It can hamper the materials by breaking them down. Also, care should be given while cleaning the brushes as well. You can use a toothbrush or a dense cleaning brush to clean the combs and brushes. You need to keep the combs and brushes inserted into the fluid sanitizer for about 10 minutes.

Clean your barbering scissors every day and oil them

Use alcohol or sanitizer along with a cotton ball to clean the dirt that accumulated on the shears. However, while you are cleaning, make sure to wipe the sharp edges with utmost care. That way, you can avoid injury. Hold the barbering tools with their tips pointing towards the ground.

Make an angle of about 45 degrees when opening the sharp edges. Now, add a few drops of trimmer oil on the joints of the barbering tools. Keep it intact for a night. Before starting the day, take out the shears. Hold the tools in your hand and simultaneously open-close them for some time.

The excess oil flush outs leaving the shears clean and smooth. Next, wipe the sharp edges with a paper towel or dry cloth. That’s how you oil the tools every day.

Give your scissors a warm bath

Remember that proper sanitizing begins when you give your barbering scissors a warm bath. First, take a small tub and fill it with warm water. Add some mild detergent to it. Insert the scissors in the solution for about a minute. Repeat the process when you need to clean the other scissors.

Take care of the excess chemicals

After you sanitize the shears, ensure that there are no excess chemicals left on the blades. It helps them from sticking to the blades and allows you to cut the hair in a precise way. So, don’t forget about that.

How to dry the scissors

One of the important aspects of cleaning and sanitizing the barbering scissors is to make them dry. You can use a paper towel or a dry cloth to complete the task. Wipe through the blades carefully and make them dry. In short, if you don’t keep them dry, rust will damage the barbering tools.

Most people remove small pieces of hair from the scissor screw with the help of a toothpick. It is an effective technique. It behaves as a quick cleaning tip and you can do that every day. After a single haircut, the scissors tend to accumulate tiny pieces of hair. It is important to remove the pieces of hair because the scissors might not work properly.

Lubricating your scissors

The final step of cleaning the scissors involves lubricating. When you lubricate the scissors every week, it saves the tool from rusting. Also, it prevents the building up of chemical dirt. Open the shears and make a 45-degree angle. Apply a few drops of oil to the joint. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe off the excess oil.

How to maintain your barbering scissors

When you are done with the cleaning, sanitizing, drying, and oiling, it is time for you to store them in a nice place. These tools need to have a dedicated space in the compartment so that the blades don’t get damaged if they knock each other by chance. A soft lining protective case can keep the shears away from moisture.

Sanitize the shears between clients

Sometimes a hairdresser has to deal with 15 to 30 clients in a day. Cleaning takes time and effort. And, you can’t keep your consumers waiting. It is wise to keep an extra person to take care of the cleaning work.

In conclusion

There are plenty of ways to clean your scissors for your valued clients. Keep the workplace healthy and sanitize your barbering tools regularly. It helps to prevent rusting. Also, keep the tools dry and oil them properly to have a better experience while working with them. Because of Covid-19, it is important to keep the scissors clean and sanitized. That way, it keeps the workplace and clients safe.