How Barbers Should Hold Hair Scissors

The art of barbering is meticulous and complex. After all, you’re in the care of shaping and styling someone’s hair.

Or you may be styling your hair, which is becoming more usual if you often stay home nowadays.

The proper handling of a set of grooming shears is required to achieve an acceptable level of accuracy in hair cutting, mastering scissor-cutting strategies.

You lower the chance of repetitive motion injury issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which could be an irritating hindrance to any budding barber.

In this post, You will find out how to handle haircutting scissors, just like a specialist.

The Best Ways To Hold Hair Scissors

The best grip and way of holding hair scissors

The experience of how to handle barbering tools begins with your hand and your fingertips put on the scissors.

Haircutting scissors are significantly different from standard scissors, with sharper edges and more delicate finger gaps.

You will also see a curved protrusion from the small finger space if you see at your designing shears; this is termed as the tang. Tang gives you extra stability when you’re cutting.

The western grip is the typical way to handle scissors, and it’s the one we all use on a routine basis. The side at the top should be the finger hole with the tang.

In the smaller slot, you place your ring finger and thumb in the wider one, while your little finger is on the tangle (handle hook).

In the meanwhile, the index and middle fingers must sit on the top of the upper handle; commonly, the scissors have notches next to the smaller finger spot to allow them to settle.

On top of your four fingers, add force to the still blade, controlling it; meanwhile, your thumb gently pushes the blades.

Hands will stable, and minimal chances of straining muscle damages by using the western grip method.

It might also help to know the Eastern grip, where you put the index finger into the smaller gap, the thumb into another one, and then rest the middle and ring fingers along with pinkie-free behind the blade.

It’s weird at first, but it offers slightly more clarity and sets up practices like slithering and point-cutting.

How To Move Your Scissors With Your Thumb

A typical error in managing the scissors is using your finger and thumb to open and close the blades. It’s good if you are moving your thumb when you’re cutting hair.

It’s probably unnecessary – and rather unsafe – to use more than one finger as this ruins your action and applies pressure to the tendons on your palm.

Shifting only the thumb lowers how much your hand muscles have to work-therefore lessens the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome-and enables you to cut like a machine.

What To Do When Using a Comb and Hair Scissors Together

When you get the hang of how to control your barbering shears, you might like to learn to manage your comb and scissors with the same hand.

Itis an ideal solution to save a few priceless seconds off a daily barbering schedule. You’ll have to exercise wiggling the comb to make it feel comfortable to move between the comb and the scissors.

When you’re using a comb to part or style, place the shears in your hand. Whenever it’s time to cut, turn the comb towards its resting place. The comb must also stand on your index and ring fingers, and the middle finger retains it in position.

There are numerous methods to grasp your shears correctly, but Western Traditional grip is the utmost typical.

The best way to handle the scissors is for ergonomic usage to minimize pressure on your muscles and joints when cutting hair for extended periods.