Yasaka Shears

Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd is the world’s leader in Japanese barber scissors. They are made in Japan, from Japanese premium steel, and are also one of the most affordable brands available in Australia.

Yasaka Scissors Summary

  • Yasaka barber scissors are made in Japan!
  • The scissors hold a sharp blade edge for longer due to the premium steel
  • Professional manufacturing
  • Affordable!! You can’t easily find Japanese barber scissors like these under $500!

The Yasaka name is well known around the barber community as a premium hair scissor brand. They provide reliable and professional haircutting scissors at affordable prices.

Compared to other well known Japanese brands, Yasaka is able to keep their prices below $500-600 per model by shipping direct to online stores. No middle-man means cheaper prices for you!

If you are looking for a professional barber scissor from Japan under $500-600 that will last you for your entire barber career, then pick up a pair of Yasaka shears.

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You can find some of the best Japanese hair shears from Yasaka Seiki Co. Ltd in the USA. Yasaka Scissors are very popular in the world, and for a definite reason.

Not only the company manufactures the finest products, but they are affordable as well. Yasaka Seiki uses premium Japanese steel to make the hair scissors. That way, the hair scissors give you good performance. You can get different haircut techniques.

Moreover, the Yasaka Scissors are abrasion and corrosion-resistant. As a result, the hair shears last for a long time.

Using state of the art Japanese craftsmanship, the Yasaka scissors are manufactured. Also, they are different from other brands you get to see. The scissors are perfect for all kinds of hairstyling techniques.

Japan Scissors hold exclusive rights to resell Yasaka Scissors. With the best price available, we provide premium hairdressing and barber scissors worldwide.

You can find Yasaka scissors with a clam-shaped edge blade. They produce sharp cuts. To make high-quality hair shears, the company uses the latest technologies and designs. That’s how Yasaka Seiko manufactures premium hairdressing scissors.

So, what makes Yasaka Scissors great? Professional hairstylists use Yasaka shears because of the quality of the products. In short, hairdressers all over the world trust Yasaka Scissors. Also, they are available at competitive prices.

It appears that Yasaka has a scissor ready for every hairdresser. The scissors suit their specific needs. Be it a Yasaka offset handle shear or a 7-inch barber shear.

You can visit our website and take a look at the collection of Yasaka scissors. These scissors are for sale in the USA and all over the world.

Yasaka scissors have sleek designs. Also, they have great ergonomics for a comfortable grip while performing on hair. They give you the perfect control.

If you maintain them with care, the scissors last for many years without trouble. Of all the hair scissor brands, Yasaka Scissors are the best in its class.

Materials and features

We use specialized cutlery steel for producing our hair scissors. The raw material iron has to be of the highest quality. Iron has important properties that are essential for making a good-quality barber shear.

The best iron will have a hard interface. And, they resist abrasion, corrosion, and wear. Moreover, the Yasaka scissors use sophisticated methods to manufacture them. The scissor blades become harder and annealed in a vacuum.

  • 440C – Hitachi Metals produces this variant. 440C is corrosion resistant. But, the hardness is a bit low.
  • ATS314 – This variant for our hair shears is manufactured by Hitachi Metals. Cobalt is added to the material. The company improved the hardness. The company increased the effect of carbide alongside strengthening the matrix.
  • VG10 – Takefu Special Steel manufactures the VG10 for the scissors. It uses steel of the highest quality. Some of the raw materials include Swedish sponge and cobalt. The effect of carbide, matrix, and hardness is improved. As such, the longevity of the scissor blade increases.

Conclusion: Yasaka Hair Shears summary

There is no question that Yasaka Seiki Co. Ltd produces premium hair cutting scissors for hairstylists. And, they are quite popular worldwide. But, people love them not only for their high-quality products. They are popular because they provide premium products at competitive prices.

In short, hairdressers and barbers across the world can buy high-quality hair scissors at affordable prices. Moreover, very few people can afford $1000 to buy a good pair of hair shear. Hence, Yasaka provides the best Japanese hair scissors with a price tag ranging from $300 to $600.

The clam-shaped and convex-edged blades of Yasaka scissors delivers astonishing cuts. The scissor blades have good features because of the quality of steel. Also, the Yasaka scissors have resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

As you know, a little care for your hair scissors can extend their lifespan. So, if you take good care of them, you can use the scissors for the next 20 to 30 years. Japanese expertise goes into the making of Yasaka scissors. So, the expert hairdressers and barbers in the USA love Yasaka Scissors.

Yasaka models – In the USA, you can have Yasaka scissors from $300 onwards. With better gripping abilities, you can have a good haircut. Also, the scissors have simple designs. Moreover, the scissors have a convex edge sharp clam-shaped blade. That way, it gives you a smooth experience.

Yasaka Products

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