About Barber Scissors Australia

Professional Barber Shears

Barber Scissors Australia is an online hair scissors and shear platform that brings you the best prices and fastest free shipping in the country!

Starting out of love and passion for the best quality barber shears, Barber Scissors Australia has been focusing on bringing high-quality scissor brands to Australians at discount prices.

The most popular barber scissor brands in Australia are Jaguar, Juntetsu, Yasaka, Kamisori and Ichiro. We also work to create a unique range of apprentice and entry-level barber scissors from brands like Mina and Jaguar.

At Barber Scissors Australia, we also provide free shipping anywhere in Australia! 7-day stress-free returns, so you can try out your scissors and if you need to change them, just return them to us in the same condition received.